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Comail Integrated Webmail

Your Handle Is An Address

Paid subscribers get more than just a login to our website. Your user handle, for example JoePlayer, also becomes an email address. That is, joeplayer@comoro.net is an email address which you can use to exchange messages with anyone in the world. No more need for a separate Hotmail or Yahoo! address to use for your gaming communications.

Unlike free email services, Comail does not bombard you with ads or banners or spam, and we will not share your email address with anyone. So you shouldn't get spammed unless you register the address on other sites.

We feature our own proprietary web-based email system, called Comail. This will be set up for you automatically when you register as a Silver or Gold subscriber. (The login link will appear in your left menus, beneath the main Menu.) Note that you will need to allow javascript and popup windows from our site in your browser in order for Comail to work properly. However it's cookie-free, and supports passphrase encryption and built-in address book aliases. In addition, all messages are composed and read using SSL security (an https connection). Therefore, if you are emailing other comoro.net users, the messages are encrypted end-to-end without any additional effort on your part.


Gold subscribers have access to Mailmanexternal link, which provides web-based e-list functionality, through Comail. This can be used to create and maintain your own mailing lists, similar to Yahoo! e-groups.

All subscribers are able to use the separate user messaging system integrated into Tiki. (See MyTiki/Messages.) However, that system does not allow you to send messages outside of our site.

During our Beta test period, Comail access is free to all registered users! Try it out today.

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